University of Southampton

Today I delivered my largest order yet, 75 tray bakes, 100 assorted muffins and 100 assorted quiches. All Gluten Free, and all delicious.

They were for their graduation ceremonies, and I am doing a second delivery next week. So refreshing to find a large organisation, who are choosing to buy gluten free and who are keen to support small, local businesses like minešŸ˜Šimage


Well , Happy New Year to everyone.Ā  I can’t believe that I have been inĀ  business now for 3 years !

Hopefully 2016 will be a bigĀ  year for A Basing Bakes, we areĀ  planningĀ  to expand our premisis and perhaps get some help in the kitchen.

It is almost time for this years entry into The Great Taste Awards, after my **star success with a Goats Cheese and Spinach Gluten Free Quiche , in 2015, I am looking for ideas for my next entry, so any ideas then please let me know.Ā  Entries start 3rd February 2016!